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Life, especially weddings, move so fast. Photos secure the memory of this time in your life. I tend to think beyond six months after the wedding. When you are tired, in the minute consumed, or going through a rough patch. I can bring you back through my work to the wedding day. Back to that moment and that emotion through a visual journal. How you felt the moment the photo was created is why it is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer.

When you look at your wedding photographs, you remember what it feels like, not just what it looks like. That is the magic of my gift to you.


Depending on travel time and pre-ceremony portraits, I typically start 2 hours before the ceremony. The excitement and anticipation at this moment of the wedding day is one of my favorites. I prefer working with a second photographer so we can capture each partner simultaneously. 


What to expect from us on your wedding day


Down time 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time is crucial. This gives you time to center and prepare for the awesome event that is about to happen. Many guests tend to arrive early as well so this way they won’t see you before the ceremony.


What to expect from us on your wedding day



After the ceremony and portraits, it’s time to party! I love the high energy of wedding receptions. If the sunset happens to be during your reception, I will sneak the two of you outside for a few romantic photos. It is up to you if you want coverage until after the cake cutting or until the big send off.


What to expect from us on your wedding day

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I encourage most couples to have coverage by me, plus a second photographer and an album. I have based my packages on these recommendations.

Wedding Packages & Pricing


Package I

Package II

starting at $3,975

starting at $4,675



Yes, you can create a favorites list from the gallery and I will design a first draft for your approval. Changes can always be made before it goes to print.

Do I select the photos for my album?

All photographs are captured in color and I convert some to black & white based on my artistic vision. I can always send you the color version as well!

Are the photos delivered in color or black & white?

I will send you a few previews a day or so after the wedding and the full gallery will be posted 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

How long before I receive my photos?

The majority of times, the answer is yes. If you are having a large wedding, if both partners are getting ready at different locations, and if you want more coverage I strongly encourage having a colleague with me. However, there are several occasions where the wedding is small or the couple is getting ready together where another photographer could be intrusive.

Do I need a second photographer on the wedding day?

I am a stylistic mix of photojournalism and traditional photography with a Fine Art flair. The wedding day is a combination of real emotions, posed family portraits,  and artistic couple photos which allows me to use many different styles and techniques throughout the day. That is why I love weddings!

What is your style?